Easter Eggs

How many eggs??


Happy Father´s Day

I Love you Dad!!
1st they painted a tie,

Then they decorated it as they like.  

We've already played with this Magic Cube, and we loved it! Now it´s your turn. We want to share it with you. You can learn a lot of things... Have fun!!!


This cube can be magic, if you want. Use it to work several topics: family, numbers, shapes, colours... stories... I used it to work the Family at Kindergarten and they loved it.
Just stick pictures in each side of the cube, roll it over and over... and have fun!!
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Hello !
Look what we did about recycling.
Remember, it´s very important to recycle.


Playing and learning!

On Wednesday we used all kinds of hats!
Inside half of the hats there was a question, and inside the others tere was the answer... Each one of us had to find our "partner".
There were all kind of questions for each level, even in English!


What a great week!!!

Carnival! There's no need to describe it...  

Friendship Day!

Cut and paste some hearts, add some magic pouder to spread friendship around you.
You'll be amazed with the results!  

Valentine's mail!

Just to show how we have celebrated Valentine's Day.
We wrote some postcards to our friends... it was very fun!  

We loved the game!

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Playing Domino!

Hello Friends!
We're sorry but we couldn't thank you earlier. We have been very busy celebrating Valentine's. We have been also preparing our Carnival costumes. We'll share pictures with you soon.  

Sharing The Alphabet Game

Hello friends from E.B.1/P.E Clemente Tavares!
Did you like to play with this game?
Tell us something!!

Where is Spot?